Welcome to our In Store Clearance center.

We were lucky enough to receive a large amount of inventory from a store from the East coast.

These bras come in numerous colors and styles. They are all softcup nursing bras.

We are able to sell these bras at $12.00 a piece. Many of these bras retail for up to $50 -$70

Most bra manufacturers will not let us specifically mark down their bras online, to this amount. That's why we can't be more specific.

We have numerous 32 band sizes up to J cup.
34 band size up to J cup.
Fewer 36 band size
Good amount 38 band size, also 40 band and 42 band. and some 44.

Call 801-467-3434 if you have a specific size you're looking for. I'm happy to give you an idea of what we have.

Prenatal supports

1- XS, 5- Small, 3- Med., 6 -Large, 2- XL, SRP $60 down to $15

Postpartum supports

2- XL SRP $60 down to $20

Compression panty hose (maternity)

Mod. compression = 2 petite SRP $70 down to $25

Firm compression = 2 Small SRP $70 down to $25