Miracle International Inc. Miracle Blanket

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Fabric Care

100% cotton


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Swaddle Blanket


  • Soothes baby to sleep in minutes
  • Ensures longer periods of sleep for baby
  • Helps baby stay on their back (recommended by the AAP)
  • Calms crying and fussiness for any baby
  • Baby can stay swaddled during diaper change
  • Prevents twitching, startling, facial scratching: even the most active babies can stay swaddled during sleep
  • Makes breastfeeding easier
  • Leg pouch provides a healthy hip and leg environment
  • Versatility allows you to uniquely swaddle in "hands-to-heart", arms down or arms out position
  • No buttons, snaps, zippers,

*Owner's "Fit" Tips*

There are a lot of videos on You tube on how to use this blanket. I learn something from each one I watch. They're really fun to watch.

*Owner's Tip*

We've sold this for quite a few years and have been very happy with it. We hear lots of good feedback from our customers.