Thank you for shopping with The Lactation Station

We offer 3 options to shop for bras.

  1. Shop online! Simple and quick. But wait... What if you want to try them on or have help with fitting?

  2. Schedule an appointment to come to our home office in Midvale, Utah (801) 467-3434.
    One advantage of doing this is our entire stock is at the home office, thereby giving you more choices; I can offer some discontinued styles which might work for you.
    Unfortunately, we no longer have a fun play castle, which we had at our Highland Drive store, so we can not accommodate children at our home office. (Except for new babies, of course!) BONUS: When you choose this option and buy 2 or more full priced bras, receive 10% off those bras. But wait... What if that just doesn’t work? I can’t leave my home right now or leave the kids.

  3. Schedule for Carrie to come to your home and bring a selection of bras and sizes. Look at the bra selection on our website and tell me what you’re interested in. Follow the bra measurement recommendations on our site and that will give me a good idea for sizes. (801) 467-3434